Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Positive feedback from WatchUseek Omega Forum

On August 2, 2009, I posted an oblique Thread on the WatchUseek Omega Forum asking "Any current or previous 40th Anniversary James Bond LE owners" to contact me. These folks came to be among the lucky few to get advanced word on the James Bond Watch Registries.

When our work was formally announced in early October, feedback was strong and positive. Here's a sampling.
Here's to hoping your project turns out like you want it to. Good luck! [jbdan, Atlanta, Georgia, October 3, 2009]
I think it's a very worthwhile project ... and perhaps one day, 200 years from now, someone will be trying to track down those Bond watches! [Chev James, October 4, 2009]
I agree. Hope this project succeeds like it should.

I would go so far as to add that such a database forms another line of evidence, in case of a missing watch. How many of us travel with all documentary evidence of ownership? I would suppose that this online resource would at least prima facie be good evidence in case of a sticky situation.

I am not sure why anyone would look at such a thing with suspicion - Surely you are not planning some grand heist, Mr. Deaton

All the best with your project. [ddatta, Bangalore, India, October 7, 2009]

Thanks for all the kind words, guys! And, as always: Enjoy your watches (as those of us on these Blogs are in a more modest way enjoying them from afar).

Monday, August 31, 2009

Follow James Bond watch updates on Twitter

Updates on James Bond Watches information, including all current and future 007 Watch Registries, is now available to Follow via Twitter.


By way of "catch up," our /bondwatches presence on Twitter has been populated with highlights from the history of our original James Bond Watches Blog and some key Posts related to each Registry.

Going forward, we'll not only update Twitter with LINKs to each of these Blogs, but also provide real-time information (where we're allowed to share it!) regarding research, negotiations, and anticipated announcements.

Follow all the best James Bond watch sites on Twitter!

Sunday, August 9, 2009

Thank you to those promoting this project!

Yesterday we made a soft announcement on this project and already there's been some great coverage.

In appreciation of these folks who are helping us get the word out (and helping bring aficianados together), a "Project Coverage" list has been added to this Page. These LINKs will take you to specific items, and are sorted by date of entry.

So if I miss anyone as we go along, anyone who should be added later will claim their rightful spot in the sequence.

Regarding the individual Registries

Resources listed on individual Registries are specific to each Registry. Remember: The real action is on each Blog listed in the right column of this page.

The criteria here is for a specific source that has provided specific information on at least one specific watch. Thus, a Forum may be mentioned if one of its participants provides information. Similarly, book publishers and sources of many other sorts are included as our way of saying thanks.

Initial reaction has been overwhelming!

Now, I'm back to adding Limiteds--

Saturday, August 1, 2009

Domain Names registered for direct access to this index of James Bond Watch Registries

James Bond Watches has just acquired the following Domain Names to provide our readers easier, direct access to the James Bond Watch Registries indexing blog.

Thursday, July 30, 2009

Starting out: The five Omega Bond Limiteds

Our James Bond Watch Registries are starting out with a focus on the five Omega 007 Limited models to date.

Reference 2537.80.00 Omega Seamaster "James Bond," 10,007 sequentially-numbered wristwatches (2002)
Reference 2226.80.00 Omega Seamaster "James Bond," 10,007 sequentially-numbered wristwatches (2006)
Reference 2907.50.91 Omega Seamaster Planet Ocean BIG SIZE, "Casino Royale," 5,007 sequentially-numbered wristwatches (2006)
Reference Omega Seamaster "James Bond Collector's Piece," 10,007 sequentially-numbered wristwatches (2008)
Reference Omega Seamaster Planet Ocean BIG SIZE "Quantum of Solace," 5,007 sequentially-numbered wristwatches (2008)

That's over 40,000 watches with which to start. But we know there are more to come, and you can look forward to seeing them join the ranks here soon!


Welcome to our Index of current James Bond Watch Registries / Registry Blogs.

All information and most of your interactions with us will take place through the individual registries themselves. Further details for each can be found on the navigation bar at right; eMail Contract LINKs are included on each Blog.